One Branch at a Time Genealogy

Helping you discover your family history one branch at a time. 


  One Branch at a Time Genealogy is committed to conducting a full range of genealogical services with the same professional dedication you would expect from larger firms. I am  in the business of providing clients with quality services with the utmost integrity. My goal is to continually exceed my client’s expectations, One Branch at a Time.    

What I Do

 With the ever growing interest and demand for genealogical research, One Branch at a Time Genealogy, expertly provides individuals and businesses with comprehensive ancestral research, including lineage society applications, estate & probate research, and detailed reports of family history, along with a wide array of other genealogy services. I aim to provide exceptional work for my clients while building a lasting relationship built on trust and professional results.     

Discover Your Family Tree

Every family has a story and I can help you discover that story.  I would love to hear from you. Contact me today!