What They're Saying

Michael W. McCormick Chief Operating and Genealogical Officer

 "Amber Oldenburg and I participated in the same academic family history research program at BYU-Idaho, and I hired her for a couple small projects. She researched Spanish and German microfilm records for me to my complete satisfaction. Recognizing records in a difficult handwriting is a great skill she possesses. She reviewed her own work and sent an additional report after her initial report to add some things she had missed sending the first time. Her dedication is clear. She also is often present in various genealogical society and genealogical community social media groups where she is professional and insightful. "

Deborah C. Sutton Document Specialist at American Research Bureau

 I contacted Amber with a bit of an emergency. We had an estate hearing quickly approaching and we needed to get several certified birth records and we needed them fast. Amber immediately responded and obtained all the documents I requested. They arrived in a couple of days. 

Not only did Amber accommodate our urgency, but she kept me updated throughout. She was well versed on where and how to efficiently obtain each record, including some pre-1900 birth records. In one case, she advised that information regarding the location of certain records on the Indianapolis website was misleading and told me where to go instead.
I cannot speak specifically to her research capabilities, but I am confident that she is as detailed, knowledgeable, and effective in her research as she was in tracking down these records. I have recommended her services to my colleagues and I look forward to working with her again.